Temple Coffee Home Brewing Guide: French Press (Press Pot)

French Press Coffee Brewing Guide

Coffee | 20 grams
or 3 heaping tablespoons

Temperature | 201°F

Grind | Coarse

Time | 4 minutes

H20 Vol | 10 oz/280 grams

French Press (Press Pot) is the easiest way to make an excellent cup of coffee.
The key to getting great results are using high quality fresh beans, correct grind, filtered water, and a timer.

Boil the water. As soon as it comes to boil (200 – 205°F), pull it off the stove and wait 30 seconds.

The coffee needs to be ground coarse (sea salt size), which will allow for a slower extraction, and will give you a heavier bodied cup.

After you grind the coffee, put it in your French Press. You want to use 3 tablespoons to 10 oz of water (depending on how strong you want your coffee).

Pour the water in the French Press. Fresh coffee will bloom, so pour the water to the half way point and stir the coffee 3 rotations. After the bloom has settled (in seconds), add water to the top.

Put the top on, and start your timer for 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, press the top and enjoy the best coffee of your life.



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